Hello World!

Welcome to my Blog ‘The Prodigal Cook’, I am 22 (almost), My love for cooking started 10 years ago I was in the 8th grade when I started (Woah! what a bright kid! jk). I have always been passionate about food, be it cooking or eating. I was eating (lots & lots of food) my way through life & Covid-19 struck the world! And then my cravings & never-ending love for food got me to make all the delicious food I enjoy at home. So I was cooking up a storm, something new each time. With the oohs, the aahs and the wows I got a lot of messages asking for the recipes. And by my 9278172518182th dish I’d sent too many people too many recipes. So I said to my mama “that if this keeps going at this rate, I will just have to come up with a blog!” & then well she said “why not? You’re good and you like it & you have all the time in the world because of the quarantine, do it!”. And we all know mama knows best so here I am typing away at my new blog.

I am very very bad at coming up with names or titles for anything yet the name for the blog struck me like lightning! THE PRODIGAL COOK is so relevant because I cook because I love it & whenever I feel like it ( or when my mom wants something special, more ladoos mom? ). And I absolutely have no portion control when it comes to cooking or ordering and especially eating ugh..!! Hence I go all out and over the top extravagant each and every time but whatever you only get one life ( quarantine got me thinking ), and it’s not like these calories transfer on to the next life!! So eat away babies.

I am going to share all my favourite recipes and document my culinary journey (the best kind if you ask me!)

So get yourself a cup of Joe or lassi ( the best way to beat the heat ) or perhaps some wine and join me in creating happiness.



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